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The Promise
Image Size: 5" x 7"; edition sold out (note cards available)
Where's Grandpa! , 2013
9" x 12" reductive linocut in two colors (Blue/Black)
Edition: 12
Wide Open (or CHAIR!), 2013
6" x 8" reductive linocut in three colors (Black/Blue/charcoal)
Edition:  11
The Opening, 2013
12" x 9", 4-color reductive linocut
Edition: 6
If you are interested in purchasing a linocut or a quality reproduction,
please contact me at
with your questions, pricing and availability. Some linocuts are available at

Thank you!
email:      phone: 925.980.5697
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Jenny, 2014
6" x 8"
Three color reductive
Edition: 6
Daphne, 8" x 10" varied edition
Because printmakers reproduce, I have a lot of linocuts. Yes, they are for sale!
My editions are extremely limited - usually no more than 10 in a series. I always keep one for myself and if I think my children might like one for posterity, I hang on to an extra or two. No two are exactly alike! That's the beauty of handprinting and the printing process in general.
I do not ship glass, so the linocuts are not framed, but I am happy to mount and mat for a modest fee. 
Most matted linocuts are sized to fit a 16"x20" or 11"x14" frame.
Each unique linocut is numbered and signed in pencil. Each design has a story behind it. Just Ask.
To get an idea of pricing, please check out my Etsy shop listed below.
Thank you very much for looking!
Rising Wave, 8" x 6", 2014
3-color reductive linocut, 
inquire for availability
Bluebirds in my backyard
12" x 9", 2015
Edition: 6
Persephone's Return, 9" x 12", 2015
2-block linocut
Go With the Flow, 9" x 12" 3-color reductive linocut, 2015
Edition: 8 (most sold out, please inquire for availability)
Using one block for all colors:
10" x 8" block carved, inked in red and printed on heavy-weight BFK Rives.
Same block carved for the second layer, inked in blue and handprinted over layer 1.
Again from the same block, layer 3 carved, inked in black and handprinted over layers 1 and 2. "Be my guest", 10" x 8" , 2016, 3-color reductive linocut; varied edition: 10
Nature's charms, 2016, 9" x 12", edition of 10
Lavender Queen, 12" x 9" 5-color reductive linocut, 2016
Sand Dollar, 10" x 8", 3-color reductive linocut
Morning Has Broken, 8" x 12"
Amber Queen, 12" x 9", 4-color reductive linocut
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2017 California State Fair Award of Merit
Weathered Fence, 2017
12" x 9" , Edition: 7

2017 California State Fair
Gamblin Artists Colors Award
The Conversation, 2017, 12" x 9" Varied Edition of 14; above #1/14 SOLD, other versions available.
RECENT AWARD WINNERS (click on thumbnail for larger image)
Weathered Fence, 12" x 9", 3-color reductive linocut, 2017, edition of 7 (6 sold)
Enter or take a seat
4-color reductive linocut
2017, 9" x 12", Edition 7
The Nook, 9" x 12" linocut, prussian blue (blue-black) ink on cream BFK Rives printing paper, 2018
3-color reductive linocut, 2017
9" x 12"
Boardwalk, 9" x 12", 4-color reductive linocut, 2018, 
edition of 7
The Conversation
4-color reductive linocut, 2017
varied edition of 14, each is unique with different color variations. 12" x 9"
Art League of Lincoln
Enter or Take a Seat
9" x 12" , Edition: 7
Serendipity, 2018, 9" x 14"
Serendipity, 4-color reductive linocut, 2018
9" x 14", series of 8
Morning Sail
2-color reductive linocut, 2018
8.5" x 6.5", Series of 8
Line Dance
varied edition, 2018
17" x 10"
Wave Chasers
varied edition, 2018
17" x 10"
Savannah Stroll
3-color reductive, 2018
9" x 12"
The Nook (the artist's studio)
Persephone's Return
Savannah Stroll
Layer 1 Layer 2   Layer 3
Labyrinth, 2018
4-color reductive linocut, 12" x 9"
Edition of 8
Apollo's Blessing
Varied Edition
Summertime, 2017
2-color reductive linocut, 12" x 9"
Edition: 5
Le Printemps
Vaired Edition