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Also, please check out my
High Summer in four colors
 Image size: 10" x 8" Sold out . Giclees available upon request
Livermore Oak (four color)
 Original size: 12" x 9"
 Sold Out - quality Giclees available upon request
(also known as LINOCUTS)
Bon Voyage (tri-color)
 size: 5 x 6"; sold out      phone: 925.980.5697
Clean Sheets in yellow/black
 Originals Sold out
 Available as giclee (quality reproduction) upon request
Hollyhocks, 2012
Award Winner, edition sold out
image size: 9" x 12", 
available as a quality reproduction upon request
The Promise
Image Size: 5" x 7"; edition sold out (note cards available)
Where's Grandpa! , 2013
9" x 12" reductive linocut in two colors (Blue/Black)
Edition: 12
Wide Open (or CHAIR!), 2013
6" x 8" reductive linocut in three colors (Black/Blue/charcoal)
Edition:  11
The Opening, 2013
12" x 9", 4-color reductive linocut
Edition: 6
If you are interested in purchasing a linocut or a quality reproduction, please contact me at
with your questions, pricing and availability. Some linocuts are available at
Thank you!
Chillin" (with Tula & Walt)
8" x 6", edition: 10
FIRST SNOW, 2013, sold out
Available as 5"x7" Note Card (no greeting)
Click on thumbnail for larger view and details
Cooper Turning
6" x 8", edition of 10, 2013
Jenny, 2014
6" x 8"
Three color reductive
Edition: 6
Daphne, 8" x 10" varied edition
Because printmakers reproduce, I have a lot of linocuts. Yes, they are for sale!
I can't seem to stop creating new ones! However, all my editions are extremely limited - usually no more than 10 in a series (or 6 good ones out of a possible 10 or 12 - which is not uncommon since maybe I failed to register the block and paper right, or did not ink the block enough, or inked it too much, or I spill ink, or whatever. So, because I don't really need all of them, yes, they are for sale. I always keep one for myself and if I think my children might like one for posterity, I hang on to an extra or two. No two are exactly alike! That's the beauty of handprinting and the printing process in general. Each one is unique and is numbered and signed in pencil.
Thank you very much for looking!
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Western Bluebirds
4" x 6" linocut
Rising Wave, 8" x 6", 2014
3-color reductive linocut
Bluebirds in my backyard
12" x 9", 2015
Edition: 6
Katie's Tulips, 9" x 12", 2015
5-color reductive linocut
(yellow, pink, lt. green, dk. green, black), colors vary
Persephone's Return, 9" x 12", 2015
2-block linocut
Go With the Flow, 9" x 12" 3-color reductive linocut, 2015
Edition: 8
Hiro, 6" x 6", 2015
10" x 8" block carved, inked in red and printed on heavy-weight BFK Rives.
Same block carved for the second layer, inked in blue and handprinted over layer 1.
Again from the same block, layer 3 carved, inked in black and handprinted over layers 1 and 2. "Be my guest", 10" x 8" , 2016, 3-color reductive linocut; varied edition: 10
Carving one linoleum block for all layers of color
until the final image emerges.
Nature's charms, 2016, 9" x 12", edition of 10
Lavender Queen, 12" x 9" 5-color reductive linocut, 2016
Sand Dollar, 10" x 8", 3-color reductive linocut
Morning Has Broken, 8" x 12"
Amber Queen, 12" x 9", 4-color reductive linocut
Weathered Fence, 2017 
quality reproduction
(original sold out), 12.5" x 9.5"
Cick on the above thumbnails to read about the process.
The below linocut editions are sold out but are available as quality reproductions upon request.
Award of Merit
Weathered Fence, 2017
12" x 9" , Edition: 7

Gamblin Artists Colors Award
The Conversation, 2017, 12 x 9, Varied Edition of 14
This version (#1/14 SOLD),
other versions printed in different
colors available.
Weathered Fence, 12" x 9", 3-color reductive linocut, 2017
SAVANNAH STROLL, 9" x 12", 2018                   BOARDWALK, 9" X 12", 2018
The Nook, 9" x 12" linocut, prussian blue (blue-black) ink on cream BFK Rives printing paper, 2018
Wild Hares, 8" x 10" 2-color reductive linocut, 2018
Shorebirds, 3-color reductive linocut, 9" x 12"
Boardwalk, 9" x 12", 4-color reductive linocut, 2018, edition of 7